Horse Riding

The bridleways and country lanes throughout the Peak District provide good opportunities for riding, hacking and trekking.

Nearby stables
Tissington Trekking Centre: 6 miles from the Park.
Buxton Riding Stables: 11 miles from the Park.
Northfield Farm: 15 miles from Park.

For approved riding centres in the Peak District visit the Association of British Riding schools or the British Horse Society. If you are an experienced rider and want a long distance trek, seek out the Pennine Bridleway, a 431km (268) mile National Trail across rugged moorland terrain from the old Hartington Station on the Tissington Trail.

The British Horse Society: rides and trails in England
Trans Pennine Trail: for walkers, cyclists and horse riders
Hoof Riding Centres: find a riding centre
National Trails: Pennine bridleway